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Horse Feathers is searching for a Sponsor that would like to assist in us getting our covered arena installed so that we may continue with training of those horses that come to our facility as well as riding instruction. Sponsorship would be tax deductible and help many horses continue on to adoptable homes or help those here in sanctuary maintain health. Contact us for more details or if you would like to help!

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Thank You Laurie!

I searched for well over a year trying to find the artist who did a print that I saw online and I finally found her! I sent her an email, she called me a couple of days later and we have been friends since. I spoke to her about what we do here at Horse Feathers and how I was looking for something that encompassed what I saw in my minds eye. Laurie took what was in my head and put it into our new logo. I can't thank Laurie enough for taking the time to spend with me and creating something that we can be proud to display. PLEASE check out her online store at Zazzle. You can also find her art on The Bradford Exchange. 

If you would like to order her prints you can see them here. They are fabulous. 

Horse Feathers Equine Center has been in operation since 2006 here in Oklahoma. Previously we were known as Horse Feathers Equine Rescue. Through restructuring we have chosen to focus on those horses that are in need of our specialized care whether it be rehab through medical, physical or spiritual or starting with ground basics and going on to further training. Those horses who are rehabbed through the program go on to be adopted out through our Adoption Program. Those who aren't will live here in Sanctuary. Our goal is to help those horses who would not be given a chance due to the time and assistance needed to rehab as far as possible giving them a second chance at a life.

Rehabilitation of horses that are otherwise not given a chance at a life. Focusing on those medical, re-feeding, and training on ground basics to saddle work to help those who are able become adoptable.

We also are focused on Education on proper Equine Care and Handling. We strive to help those learn to be the best possible horse owners they can be.

Offering Equine Assisted Therapy to help utilize those horses who are living in Sanctuary. Our program is to help those with PTSD, Trauma, Drug & Alcohol Issues, Developmental Disabilities, or other Mental Health concerns. 


Equine Rehabilitation & Education

Providing a Standard of Care

Currently we are not taking in any owner surrenders. Please see our Surrendering Page for more information.

Hours of Operation: WINTER HOURS
Sunday-Monday - Closed
Tuesday-Friday - by appointment only
Saturday 8:30 am - 12:00 noon 
Please call before coming to visit.