# 2427-- Bay Gelding  "yearling"- 2 year old   (we call him Woody for now, can be changed)

​Captured 11/5/2015   Beaty's Butte Oregon

I am pleased to announce that October 14, 2015 I was accepted as a TIP Trainer through the Mustang Heritage Foundation. Beginning in 2016 we will make arrangements to pick up our first mustang/s. Please check back often as we will add more to this program here, information for you about mustangs, how to adopt and we will welcome those who are interested to learn about gentling these wonderful horses.

# 6568 Bay Filly   "yearling"- 2 year old  (we have been calling her Bindi, can be changed)

Captured 04/01/2015   B- NMF56

They are here! Our first two mustangs have arrived. They are such sweet babies! We have begun working with them on being touched, haltered. As we go through this process we will list it here as well as on our Facebook page. We will be going for others as space allows, if there is something you are looking for let us know!

​They are eligible to be adopted, we must finish with our requirements BUT you can come to meet them AND get your application in to the BLM to begin processing. Applications can be gotten at www.blm.gov as well as information on their requirements. Your application can be mailed to:

BLM Adoption Program

201 Stephensen Parkway  Suite 1200

Norman, OK 73072 

​Attn: Crystal Cowan