Inspiration for what we do... Those cases of neglect, abuse or abandonment that we have given a second chance at life to.

Miss Maddie

What Got Me Started...

Many times I am asked what got me started in this or why do I do what I do here? I moved to Oklahoma in 2005 after being out of "rescue" work for over 3 years. My children had grown and moved away so I did some traveling just for me, enjoying a reprieve from the usual. In 2006 I attended an auction with a friend of mine, no intentions of getting anything and saw an old horse standing in a dark, disgusting stall, looking like she had resigned herself to death. I recall my jaw dropped as she was the worst case of a skeleton that I had laid eyes on. I called a "rescue" wanting to report it hoping that they would get her out, help her and rehab her. I didn't want to bid against them if they were, me not knowing how things worked at the time here in Oklahoma. Having been out of rescue for several years I wasn't there to rescue a horse. I was not pleased with the response that I got from them. I went to my friend at the time to see if we could pool our resources and get the mare to safety. So, I bid on the horse. I don't know who was bidding against me but eventually I got her for $120.00. We bought an old blanket to put on her as it was cold outside to get her home. I wasn't leaving her behind since the other place had no intention of helping.

So, there is where it began. I knew that for some reason I was being called back into doing what has come naturally to me and thus Horse Feathers came to Oklahoma. I started things back up, filed paperwork for 501c3 here, registered with the State of Oklahoma and we named the horse Maddie. Maddie was an awesome inspiration for what we do here. We give those horses a chance that would be passed over by someone who felt that they were beyond help. There are those cases, yes, that we determine upon consultation with our Veterinarian that as he says "need to go to heaven" and we humanely lay them to rest. 


Mission Statement & Purpose

Horse Feathers Equine Center is a 501(c)(3) non profit dedicated and committed to providing services to horses that are found to be in need of healthcare, nutrition, and rehabilitation. We will assist abused, neglected and slaughter-bound horses in need on a discretionary basis by rehabilitating, training, and placing them in a forever home.

Every horse we rehabilitate receives medical attention to address all immediate physical needs, and ongoing veterinary, farrier and alternative/holistic care where needed.

We utilize a tailored training program specific to each horse to help them realize their full potential, work within its limitations and work to address the issues that cruelty or neglect has left on their lives.

Our staff uses proven methods and techniques to help our horses become balanced, confident and as productive as possible. The ultimate goal is to find a forever, lifelong home that is a perfect fit for each horse and their adoptive family.

We strive to prevent future cruelty towards horses by educating the community on responsible equine husbandry through hands on instruction, clinics, and classes. Utilizing those not adoptable gives a second chance at a purpose and fulfilled life.

Those horses not adoptable into a loving forever home due to illness, age, or other circumstances will remain at the facility to live their lives out in a humane fashion. Those deemed able to participate, will be used to assist with EAGALA, Equine Assisted Therapy, helping those who come for issues such as PTSD, Trauma, Developmental Disorders, Drug & Alcohol issues, and any other Mental Health disorder.

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