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              Hay for Horses Due to Drought Disaster

In the years listed above we received grants for Hay. Hay for Horses to provide much needed assistance to keep horses fed. By providing hay we were able to maintain health and weight in the cold of winter.


‚ÄčIn Fall of 2010 we received a grant of $5000 to install a bathroom and washroom at the barn. It was necessary to have a place for the Volunteers, Patrons and Clients to have a restroom while here. It was also highly important to us to have a place to wash and sanitize equipment, buckets and to wash after working with horses, especially those with wounds and infections. 

In 2015 - 2016 we received the Midwest Disaster Resilency Grant to help with training for disasters and funding was also put towards the purchase of a Becker Sling. We also were able to purchase round pen panels that will work as an arena and they are designed that they will swing on T-posts to move into emergency temporary pens. This allows us space to take in horses in need during disasters. This is such a need here in Oklahoma with tornados and wild fires. We cant thank ASPCA enough for seeing the need here in Oklahoma.

Basic Equine and Awareness Rescue (BEAR) Training held by EERU from Kansas


In 2012 we were hit with a "micro burst tornado" as the weather man labeled it taking out our shelters in the pasture. We received a grant of $1500 to help repair them and we were able to install more secure concreted in shelter for the horses.

This page is to dedicate to all the various projects that the ASPCA Equine Fund has funded over the years here assisting horses in our care as well as capital improvements. We would not have successfully completed these projects without their assistance. 


In 2010 we received a grant of $4000 to upgrade electrical in the barn and add power to the pastures we had at that time. The electrical was below capacity what was needed and new lines were installed from the power pole to the barn. The panel box was upgraded and new breakers added. Additional lights were installed and power plugs. The pastures have power to facilitate tank heaters in winter so that the horses can consume more water and help prevent injury to those who may be breaking ice on tanks.