Change the cultural perception and attitudes that underlie unproductive policies and practices directed toward addicted and recovering people
Educate the political, economic and institutional interests that benefit from such harmful policies
Articulate alternative perceptions and beliefs to change ineffective and harmful policies and practices
Promote public education and turn personal stories into social action
Encourage individuals to speak out about their successful recovery
Empower citizen advocates to change the ecology of addiction and recovery
Become a public educational movement.  At its heart, it will be a  movement of creating the expansion of recovery resources in communities across the state of Oklahoma

In 2016 Horse Feathers Equine Center signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with OCARTA under the Sister to Sister, Achieving Community Together (ACT) II, which will be an expansion of the state’s first model of peer led/driven addiction recovery support services for women in Oklahoma County who have children. They are expanding into Logan County. 

Horse Feathers has chosen the EAGALA Model for utilizing Equine Assisted Therapy. There are many forms of therapy available, each having its own unique merits, but this method is what we have found most useful and helpful here. ​

Equine Assisted Therapy