What a journey to fall in love with a donkey. Never in my over 25 years of being around horses had I thought it would happen to me. Well it did with Elf. We lost Elf in 2015 due to illness but he taught me so much and grabbed my heart like no other. 

​Donkeys are different from horses. There are many articles out there that you can read but my experience has taught me they are "thinkers" They have to process what you are asking them to do. They are affectionate once they bond with you and want to be with you, hee hawing to get your attention. Donkeys like to be with their own kind in pastures so we adopt ours in pairs when available. 

Currently we have donkey "pairs" that are looking for that special home. Pair adoption fees are $250. Jacks are all gelded and we have an application process. Jennies have a strict NO breeding clause.


Donkeys "Long Ears"