This has become a very important part of what we do here at Horse Feathers. Whether its learning about basic horse health, grooming, barn maintenance, haltering, leading, lunging..the list goes on. Many times I see folks who want a horse yet have never cared for one or its been since they were a child. Fond memories of those years bring them back full circle wanting to be around horses. The way things were done when we were younger have changed as awareness of Equine Health has become a large part of caring for those horses we treasure in our lives. Equine medicine has changed dramatically with new medications, new procedures to help horses that long ago were retired, dumped or euthanized. 

We welcome those who want to learn and will be lining up classes and clinics to help educate those willing to learn about the various types of equine health issues. These basic charts below help you to familiarize yourself with the horse which then will allow you to be able to communicate with your veterinarian much more easily when your horse needs health care or in emergencies.​​