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This is an example of "de-gloving" a leg. This happens when a leg goes through something and then is jerked back through. This horse put her legs through a cattle guard. Although many ranches use them for cattle they are an example of what NOT to have with horses.

WARNING: Some photos graphic

Oakridge offers a full scale Operating room with great surgeons that do all they can to help horses. There are many facets to preparing a horse for surgery much like humans.

Dr Hague removing a bone sequestrium from the leg. SI had a leg injury and was not treated properly and so it took a longer time to heal but he did and was adopted out.

Dr Shultz our Eye Specialist here in Oklahoma City

We want to thank Dr. Brent Hague for taking on a special case of limb deformity along with a hernia, Dolly, who spent almost a year here under our care until she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. 

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​We couldn't do what we do here without the advisement and assistance from our primary vet Dr. Jeff Brakenhoff, other veterinarians on staff at Oakridge Equine Hospital, interns, Vet techs, Equine Dentist Edye Lucas, and our farriers. We want to express our heart felt thanks for their compassion, guidance and time spent with the horses here helping to devise ways to rehab those who come into our care giving them hope for a life beyond what they have suffered.