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Herbs of the World herbal products are always mixed fresh with each order and blended with high grade, human quality, 100% herbs. Her products contain NO fillers and only those vitamins or minerals that are found naturally in the living plant.

Products we use that you can order direct, ship and are considered a donation:

EQ 55 Ulcer Ease

​EQ 24 Garlic n Roses with Astragalus & Schizandra Berries

​EQ14  Cannon Blast

EQ 34 Free Flowin

​​EQ61 Yucca with Devils Claw & Myrrh| Horse Muscle & Joint Pain Supplement

​EQ22 Eye to Eye | Horse Eye Health​

​Herbs of the World   
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Horse Feathers is a true believer of attending the needs of the whole horse. One of these is the use of herbal therapies. My personal testimony is that Ive known Loryhl Davis for over 20 years. Her commitment to the health and well being of horses is paramount.