Horse Feathers Equine Center was formerly known as Horse Feathers Equine Rescue, located in Guthrie Oklahoma where it still has its facility in operation. Since 2006 HFER, rescued, adopted and cared for many horses that were received either from cruelty cases, owner surrenders, bid on at auctions or were dumped. Our specialized care of those neglected horses and our Standard of Care have brought us to a cross roads of focusing on those horses who would not receive a second chance due to needing rehabilitation from starvation, neglect, abuse or injuries. We have decided to move our focus in this direction, allowing us to utilize those horses also in Education of Equine Care to the public and with Veterinarian Students and Vet Techs. By working closely when possible with our Veterinarian to help those Intern doctors learn from these cases, and offer the horses a second chance at life and even a possible career where possible.

​We also have over the years observed and learned much about how these horses interact with humans. The therapeutic effects that happen are beyond words. We have begun to work towards those horses where able to participate to help humans with various mental health issues. This is not only rewarding for humans but allows the horse to feel and live a productive life.

Horse Feathers sets a Standard of Care that encompasses not only the health but the mental well being of the horse. By providing the best Veterinary and medical care possible, re-feeding and training available.

Horse Feathers is a fiscally responsible organization, registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization, registered in the State of Oklahoma as a Charitable Organization YEARLY.

Horse Feathers is operated by Volunteers, your donations go to the care of the horses.

Horse Feathers places emphasis on Education and helping those potential horse owners learn all aspects of equine care in order to be the best adopters.

What Sets Us Apart