You can see them in the drop down menu under "available horses". This will allow us spacing to put more photos and information on each horse as well as show progression through training.

"When a horse greets you with a nicker and regards you with a large and liquid eye, the question of where you want to be has been answered"

Thank you for looking at the horses we have for Adoption. Adopting a horse is a way to give a horse a forever home and a second chance in life. We have an adoption application process and a contract that must be signed if approved. We ask that if this is your first time owning a horse that you come to learn about caring for a horse and if you have a particular horse in mind that you spend time getting to know your forever companion. We want to ensure that it is a great "fit" with the horse you adopt. We also ask that if you are on this road to owning a horse that you look into and learn all you can about what is required to care for your equine friend. Horse ownership is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. Medical emergencies arise, proper nutrition, farrier care and other necessities are things that you must take into consideration.​​

We have implemented an "upside down" Stop Light System for the horses in our care. We found this much needed change in order to have better understanding for the Volunteers, Veterinarians, Visitors and anyone working to learn training, riding, etc.

GREEN: Horses in the Green category are horses that anyone can handle. Basically older horses  or horses with more experience, have lots of handling and can be easily lead, groomed, tied, saddled, ridden, etc

YELLOW: Horses that can be handled by those with experience who may need some supervision. Horses that do all the ground work but can at times may need desensitized to new things-things they don't know.

RED: Horses that need an experienced handler who needs to be aware the horse may have the propensity to spook. Horses that are not trained,  young, or if not worked for a period of time can be "hot" to handle or excited. 

Horses For Adoption