Working with Volunteers on Handling horses, giving riding lessons, exercise riding some of our horses to condition them for lessons and teaching horses to stand tied, what a bit is, getting feet done and much more. 

Kim with Lucky and Jenny

Our Instructor & Trainer

​              Kim Hill

Summer of 2014 I got a call from someone looking for a horse for a client. I invited her to come out to see what we had available for adoption. From the beginning we struck it off as two people who have similar views on horses and fundamentals of riding. Kim was trained in Classical/Traditional Dressage and rode and trained at Gran Prix Level. She is working to get some photos for us to put here of her riding.

After seeing so many folks who have paid for lessons and had not learned what we felt was instrumental to being a good rider we decided to put our skills together and start this program. Kim has been instrumental in working with our horses that needed Ground Work and those that are in need of conditioning, exercise riding and more. We look forward to building on our program as we train and adopt out more horses. Thank you Kim for being who you are and working with the Volunteers to help build not only their confidence but to help those we work with to be better horse owners.