We are looking for that special sponsor that would want to help us get in a covered arena. This will allow us to continue to train and ride in weather and allow us the option to close in the sides to cut down on the winds causing blowing sand and dirt. 

Estimated cost: $140,000

Every facility has a wish list. Our comprises of things that will make our jobs easier here so we can focus on rehabilitating and training horses. Your donation of equipment is tax deductible. 

Donations are needed to help us get our arena footing. We need to raise $5,000 for rubber mulch. Please make a donation today to help us train and exercise horses to get them into good homes!

Every day we feed the feeds listed below. You can call the feed store and pay on account for us to pick up OR you can purchase and come to visit (please make appointment)  Cook Feed and Outdoor 405-478-2327. 

Bobcat S570 Skid-Steer Loader, or comparable will help us with those jobs that a tractor can not do or get to. There is much work on a daily basis that it would be greatly appreciated

We decided to post some photos to make it easier. ​We purchase items in bulk from Sam's Club. If you would like to get the items below and come to visit thats great! (please make appointment) If you would like to get a Sam's Card for us we can pick it up! If you have any questions about what is listed or need assistance please email.

Things that we use on a daily or weekly basis are paper towels, toilet paper, Ivory dish soap, laundry soap, gallons of bleach, pool chlorine tabs, wash rags, bath towels, SoftScrub. Stall Fresh, Fine shavings (yellow bag) from Tractor Supply. 

Need & Wish List