WARNING: Some photos may be disturbing or graphic

In August and September we brought the following horses in who are in need or our specialized care. Both were underweight, had infected wounds and one had fractured pastern. They are doing well but need YOUR donations to help continue their care. 

New Cases:

Cruelty: These two mares, came in due to a cruelty case that the owner had allowed his "prized" horses to live in squalor. They were older mares who were covered in manure and only had their own urine to drink. They lived here for 2 years until they went to heaven together. We work diligently on our Education Program so that we can help owners learn that this is not a Standard of Care and not how you treat your "valued" horses. 

Ernie-He was rescued from auction. He came in at 6-9mo old, with severe hernia that we had repaired. He died on the OR table and was brought back. Ernie had a wonderful relationship with "pawpaw" and then went on to be adopted by Pia one of our Volunteers who has taken him to levels we never dreamed of.

(Left) SI aka Southern Inguenity came in with a severe leg injury that had a bone sequestrium that we had removed. He healed and was adopted out.

​(Right) Shiloh came in after being rescued from a rescue that had let her lay in a stall for a year with a broken leg. She lived here for 9 months before her injuries were so that we had to let her go to heaven. She was an amazing horse with a spirit that lingers here.

Prior Cases

Savannah aka "Seeking Great Wine" came to our facility in April of 2013. She was at Oakridge and the owner did not want to put any more effort into her care. We were contacted to take her in where we finished out her rehab on her injured leg. Savannah had a 5 day old foal on her side that we raised and adopted to the same person who adopted Savannah. They are enjoying life being spoiled and pampered.

Bella was a horse injured in the Guthrie Wild Fires, May 2014. Her owner was not at home when the fires came so close that she was burnt from head to tail. Bella came to our facility for her rehab time and then returned to her owners home where they are rebuilding.

We have implemented an "upside down" Stop Light System for the horses in our care. We found this much needed change in order to have better understanding for the Volunteers, Veterinarians, Visitors and anyone working to learn training, riding, etc.

GREEN: Horses in the Green category are horses that anyone can handle. 

YELLOW: Horses that can be handled by those with experience who may need some supervision. 

RED: Horses that need an experienced handler who needs to be aware the horse may have the propensity to spook. Horses that are not trained,  young or new to the facility. Once Evaluated those new horses may move on the stop light.

Horses in Rehabilitation and Prior Cases