We cant thank MRCOOL enough for their generous donation of an AC/Heating unit for our Loft Barn. This will allow us to have our Seniors Program--The Ole TImer's Club as well as classes held year round.

These sponsors have helped with donation of product or reduced fees. We thank you for supporting our efforts here at the facility and helping horses in need.

One Horse At a Time has been instrumental in helping with Castration/Gelding Assistance, emergency feed/medical for horses that have come to our facility in dire need. We want to thank them for all the hard work they do helping to reduce the "backyard breeders" and helping horses.

Edmond Womens Club helped us get the Loft Barn that we utilize not only for storage but a classroom and to hold our Seniors Program. They have provided assistance for vaccines, general operating fund help to keep horses taken care of with the Standard of Care we provide.

Petfinder has been instrumental in helping us to get a Honda Generator and installation of a power box to the house so that in times of disaster that we are able to run the well for water to the horses and also to run office equipment to stay in touch with Volunteers, Supporters, Disaster Response. 

PetSmart Charties has provided us with grants for farrier Emergency Hay Support, Tornado Disaster Assistance to help the Community. We truly appreciate their support.

We want to thank Banfield Charitable Trust for their continued support in helping us to put in a storage shed to store hay for our Hay Bank and funds to get hay/feed during the May Tornados 2013. With the help of the AmeriCorp Volunteers were were able to bring hay in and store it in order to help the Community. 

We want to thank the ASPCA for their continued support. Grants provided by them have allowed us to do various projects from getting a full bathroom installed in the barn to upgrading the electrical in the barn. We were able to install power posts to the pastures to provide electric for running tank heaters in the winter, allowing the horses access to thawed water increasing consumption. During the Drought years here in Oklahoma we were given a grant by ASPCA for Emergency Hay Assistance. Without it, we would not have been able to provide hay for the horses which is a necessary part of their diet. They have assisted in funding for intakes of cruelty seizures as well as installation of a bathroom at the barn with hot water to clean & sanitize equipment and allow Volunteers/Visitors a restroom to use while here. In 2014 we received a Training Grant that allowed us to have our most successful year in adoptions!

Grantors & Sponsors

Epona Exchange has us as one of their rescue missions. They are a great place to advertise your horse for sale, lease, adoption. Check them out and we get a donation on ads listed.